Fourth month update

I can’t believe my handsome boy is growing so quickly! Tomorrow he will be exactly four months old. He’s already wearing six month clothing and size two diapers for babies up to 18 lbs. He has his four month checkup this Wednesday so I’m curious to find out how much he weighs currently and how long he is. I was glad to hear from my friend and co-worker who has a son about a year older than Levi that the fastest growth stages happen early on and that things will begin to slow up in the next few months. Thank goodness! I would love for him to stay this small but I know that he has to grow, develop and learn in order to have a fulfilling life. I am glad to be along with him for the ride and watch him display new characteristics and see his mannerisms emerge.

I love to watch him with his father. Levi looks more and more like him everyday and it makes me smile big and bright when they sit together. They both have the most beautiful blue eyes and happy smiles. When Tim talks to Levi, it always puts him in a good mood. I can be holding him while he’s crying and as soon as Tim comes in to ask him what’s wrong, he immediately stops and grins as if nothing was ever wrong. I want them to spend as much time as they can together for now because soon, work will be the number one priority for Tim until March when basketball madness is over.

Just recently, Levi has begun to recognize and acknowledge his own reflection in mirrors. We have a mirror in our living room that we walk past periodically and each time he sees his and my reflection in the mirror, he gazes at himself and becomes mesmerized. His play mat also has a mirror that hangs above him which he spends time looking up at while clasping his hands together. His hands lately have been his favorite toy. He puts them in his mouth constantly and looks especially proud when he manages to find his thumb to suck on. He even tries to suck on his fingers while he’s eating a bottle, which makes meal times take twice as long since I have to keep pulling his hands away. I read that it’s common at this stage for babies to become easily distracted by anything and everything. This bug has bitten Levi for sure — I sometimes have to turn the TV off or mute it to get him to stay focused on eating.

One thing that concerns me is that he might have a knack for tantrums when he gets older. Right now, he has quite a temper and when he wants something, he wants it immediately. I haven’t been around many babies up until now but I assume that not all babies are this way. According to my mom, I was never this way and seemed to be an overall calm and carefree child. My MIL says that Tim was that way also. Where Levi got his temper is beyond me. When he gets upset laying in his crib he’ll pick up his legs and slam them down on the mattress, all while wailing away for someone to come and get him. Even after you pick him up, he screams at the highest pitch and holds his eyes tightly shut. The four minutes it takes for a bottle to warm up seem like an eternity, but once he gets that bottle in his mouth, all becomes quiet again and he happily guzzles down his breakfast/lunch/dinner/midnight snack/etc.. At least he’s relatively happy most of the time, it’s only when he’s been sleeping for long periods of time that his Mr. Hyde comes out.

This month we have Halloween coming up, so hopefully next post will feature some adorable costume photos. Before then, I need to figure out what to dress him as. Feel free to comment below on what you think the perfect infant costume would be.

Three Months and counting…

3 months old and such a charmer!

3 months old and such a charmer!


Dear Levi,

This past weekend marked 15 weeks since you graced our lives with your presence. It has been amazing watching you grow and develop. Just within the last month you have begun to smile each and (almost) every time you see me or your father, whether up close or from across the room. You especially love smiling in the mornings after I wake you up to get you ready for daycare. Along with your smile, you also enjoy being vocal. You like to let out joyful squeals, vocalizations of mmm’s and gaa’s, and other adorable baby phrases that only you understand (and which mommy is happy to respond to). One of your favorite activities in the evenings is “standing”. You like to hold your legs out straight while daddy or I hold you stable so you can look around the room or make eye contact with us. We sometimes put you in your exersaucer in front of the television and you stand there mesmerized for long periods of time. As always, you enjoy eating and are quite impatient when it comes to feeding time.

Giving the exersaucer a try

Giving the exersaucer a try

Some milestones from this month include your first trip to the emergency room, having pink eye and being sick (sense a theme?). Your emergency room trip was due to a fever of 102.4. I had given you some infant tylenol to bring the fever down and then decided to call the pediatrician nurse line to make sure I was covering all my bases. I hadn’t planned to take you to the ER, but the nurse on duty told me you had to go right away due to the height of the fever and your young age. We all got in the car, along with Nana and Granddad, and made our way to the Children’s Hospital in Chattanooga. You were admitted right away and they took your temperature. It had dropped to 99.6. You weren’t happy when they had to take your blood through an IV in your arm, or when they had to get a urine sample by inserting a catheter in your urethra. I wasn’t too happy watching you in pain/discomfort either. All the samples came back negative for bacterial infection, and they released you a little over an hour later. It was determined you had a viral infection and they told us to keep giving you tylenol as needed and to follow up with your pediatrician if the fever persisted for 48 hours or more. All in all, it turned out to be an unnecessary trip, but I thought it was better to play it safe than sorry. Less than a week later, you contracted pink eye from your teachers and other kids at your daycare. It had spread throughout almost the entire class, but was quickly treated with eye drops. Lastly and probably related to your viral infection, you have been congested and sneezing a lot. All I can say is thank goodness for boogie wipes and the babycomfynose snotsucker. They have been helpful in keeping your nose snot and booger free.

An anomaly that neither your father or I can understand is why you refuse to sleep soundly at night. We try to be consistent in putting you down for the night no later than 9 p.m. and with a full belly. The first week I went back to work, you slept all the way from 8 or 9 p.m. to 5 or 6 a.m.. Now, you wake up 4 to 5 times in the night and I have to walk all the way across the house just to put your pacifier in so you can fall back asleep. When the pacifier no longer satiates, I know its time to heat up a bottle. I usually use the time spent feeding you in the early morning to pump at the same time. We think your sleeping patterns have been disturbed lately due to your illnesses, and hope we all get back to sleeping through the night again once you’re back to being 100% healthy.

Spent a beautiful  Saturday at the mountain state fair

Spent a beautiful
Saturday at the mountain state fair

Fall is coming on fast and soon the leaves will turn all shades of green, orange, red and yellow. Saturday before last we visited the Mountain State Fair at the WNC Ag Center. Fair food is deep fried and delicious! I enjoyed a pumpkin spice funnel cake and some fresh squeezed lemonade, while Daddy enjoyed a corn dog. We’re looking forward to Halloween next month, but not so much looking forward to Daddy’s busy time of year with UNC Asheville men’s basketball. Hopefully his schedule will be planned out far enough ahead so we’ll know when we get to see him and spend time with him when he’s not on the road.

Until next month! Love you baby boy, Mama


I’m a Mom and Levi’s birth story

It’s August and I have yet to post anything about my new life as a mom. Eight weeks ago I gave birth to our son Levi and things have been a whirlwind since! He is a perfect, precious baby and the love I have for him is so immense. Each day that goes by holds new discoveries for both of us and he is growing up before my eyes so quickly. All my time is consumed by him – either changing diapers, holding him, pumping milk, or feeding and burping him. There are days where I literally don’t get to brush my teeth or get a shower until Tim makes it home from work in the evening and goes on daddy duty. How anyone gets anything productive done with a newborn is beyond me! It’s all in the name of motherly love and I don’t mind if the house isn’t spic and span – I’ll only have this uninterrupted time to spend with him once and I mean to enjoy it while I can before I have to go back to work in September.

Birth Story

I was 38 weeks along in my pregnancy and not expecting Levi to come for a few weeks. It was Friday, June 7th and Tim and I had planned to finish our baby shopping and pack my hospital bag that weekend. I was at work and had just completed a collaborative work session with my coworkers. I had been feeling some discomfort and pressure in my pelvis late that afternoon but shrugged it off as gas. I was joined in a casual conversation with a few folks when I felt a gush of liquid coming from between my legs, as if I was peeing myself without any control over my own bladder. I quickly rushed to the restroom before anyone took notice. It took a second for me to realize while I was in the bathroom that this was my water breaking. I was in shock and not sure what exactly to do. I remember thinking over and over again that he’s not supposed to come for another two weeks!

I got myself together and went back out to let them know that my water had just broken. My coworkers were excited for me and more than happy to help guide me back to my office to get my stuff together. I’m glad that they were there to help because I felt dazed and in disbelief, not at all in control my bearings. They instructed me to call Tim and let him know my water had broken so I did. He asked me if I was kidding and I assured him I wasn’t. I had him call my OBGYN office to get in touch with me, gathered my laptop and other belongings and went out to my car to head home. All the while there is this continuous gushing of fluid from my vagina – not at all a comfortable feeling.

My OBGYN office called as I was driving home. They said to go ahead and make my way to the hospital. That confirmed in that instant that my son was on his way and would be born that very weekend – I was excited! When I made it home, Tim was already packing his bag and getting the infant carrier out. I threw my bag together in a whirlwind! I figured I had everything I needed – clothing, toiletries, camera, chargers, baby book, and a coming home outfit for Levi. I realized later that although I had my camera, I was missing my SD card! Luckily, Tim’s parents were able to get one for us on their way in from Chattanooga.

We made it to the hospital and were admitted to the labor and delivery unit after verification that my water had indeed broken. It was just after 5:30 pm and I hadn’t yet begun to feel any contractions, though I was having very tiny ones. They had me hooked up to the monitors and all looked great for Levi’s vitals. I decided that it might be best to walk around the halls to get my contractions going since things were going very slowly. I could hear one woman outside her room door in agonizing pain giving birth which only made me more anxious for what I was about to to go through myself.

My doctor was on call that night through the next morning. Given that my water had already broken, there is a window of about 24 hours that they allow before considering other birth options so that infection doesn’t occur at the opening of the cervix. She recommended I start taking pitocin to make my contractions stronger and begin effacing and dilating my cervix. I decided to do that going on 8 pm.

Tim’s family stopped in to visit us after making it up from Chattanooga. We told them it wasn’t likely that he would be born that night and that they should go ahead on to their hotel. They were excited and anxious for Levi to arrive, as were we. As night came on, Tim and I tried to get some sleep (as much as one can in a hospital room with a nurse coming in every hour or so to check mine and the baby’s vitals). By midnight, I was finally feeling contractions and having to use breathing exercises to make it through each painful one. I managed to tolerate them up until 4 am on Saturday, at which point I was ready for an epidural.

I made it through the epidural like a champ, though shortly after they gave it to me I began to feel light headed and nauseated as if I were going to pass out. My blood pressure dropped really low. They put me on oxygen and gave me some meds to bring my BP back up. I finally began feeling numb and could no longer feel the pain of my contractions. Surprisingly, the contractions I was feeling were only pre-labor contractions and nowhere near as painful as ones you have during actual labor. I was doubly glad for the epidural at that point cause I had already reached my pain tolerance.

Saturday morning, my doctor was no longer on call and another doctor from a partner practice whom I had never met before was on duty. He came in and checked my cervix and I was about 85% effaced and 2 cm dilated. I thought “Really!?! All that pitocin and pain and still not even halfway dilated?!!” We continued to wait patiently throughout the day, receiving another visit from Tim’s family and then catching some shut eye. Tim did his job of making sure I got lots of liquids. At noon, it had been about 24 hours since I had last eaten. I was hungry when I arrived at the hospital the night before, so you can imagine I was pretty hungry at that point but wasn’t allowed to eat anything but jello, frozen popsicles and chicken broth (like the kind used for ramen noodles). The doctor came in to check my cervix again and I had dilated to 3 cm.

Levi's big day 002

They determined that Levi was head down in my womb but not positioned to face my rear, the most ideal position for exiting the womb. Every hour or so I had to reposition from one side to the other, first to rock Levi back and forth to get him to turn, and second to keep the epidural dissipated evenly on both sides of my spine. One disadvantage with having an epidural is that you are bedridden but a nice advantage is that you no longer have to get up to go the bathroom or even really feel the urge to go to the bathroom. The nurse had to come in every few hours to insert a catheter and express my bladder. If you’re modest like me, this can be embarrassing but somehow when you’re about to have a baby, all your modesty kind of goes out the window.

They checked my cervix again a couple hours later where I had progressed to 4 cm. A few hours later I was still at 4 cm. The fear was setting in that I might have to go under the knife and have a cesarean, the last option I wanted to go with. It was going on 6 pm in the afternoon – more than 24 hours since my water had broken. The doctor seemed concerned but I told him my birth plan was to ideally give birth vaginally. He said he’d check me again in a few more hours but that if I continued to stay stagnant in my dilation, cesarean might have to be a consideration. That had me worried but my ultimate goal was to bring Levi into the world healthily and if cesarean was what was needed, I’d have to accept that.

A little while later I began feeling my contractions again, dull at first but seemingly stronger time after time. I called the nurse station and let them know my epidural was wearing off. The anesthesiologist came by and upped my dosage which dulled the pain again, but only temporarily. Again, I began to have the feeling of nausea and being lightheaded and my blood pressure began to drop. I began throwing up and the nurse    worked to get me stabilized again. Shortly after, I once again stable but shivering from the meds. The doctor came in and checked my cervix and found that I was fully dilated. I couldn’t believe it! I was happy for that news but I was feeling extremely weakened at that point from not having eaten, lack of sleep, and struggling from the epidural medicine. In that moment I would have welcomed a cesarean because I didn’t feel I had the energy to push out a baby. That thought quickly passed and I was being prepped to begin pushing.

Laying in the bed, with Tim standing to my left and my legs lifted up in the stirrups, I braced my knees, tucked my chin in my chest, and bared down and pushed for two ten second intervals during each contraction. A few pushes in I was already out of breath. I would just about catch my breath when it was time to push again. I could feel the pressure of him coming down but never really felt any pain. At one interval I began to feel sick and had to vomit, then it was back to pushing. I was exhausted but knew the outcome and kept giving it every ounce of energy I could. An hour into pushing I could tell it was getting close to culminating because the doctor was enthusiastically cheering me on. He even had me reach down to feel Levi’s head, which motivated me to keep going despite all doubt. Finally, at 9:17 pm on June 8th, and with one last push, Levi was pulled out and placed on my chest where he gave a big wailing cry.

Levi's big day 012I was physically and emotionally exhausted but that all melted away when I first placed eyes on him. He was beautiful and perfect with ten tiny fingers and toes. Tim got to cut his umbilical cord and they took him across the room to weigh and measure him. I was in such a state of elation that I barely noticed passing the afterbirth and being stitched up from tearing when he came out. They wrapped him up in a blanket and brought him back to me where we got our first family photo taken. It was an incredibly happy time for us. We were happy to share his arrival with Tim’s family who finally were grandparents and great-grandparents.

Levi's big day 032

Levi Aaron White born June 8, 2013, 8 lbs and 20 inches long


Levi's big day 036Levi has brought such joy to our family that its hard to imagine what life was like before he arrived. Even with all the sleepless nights and roller coaster emotions of post partum, I would absolutely do it all again to have an angel like him around.

Nursery Design – Furniture

Welcome Spring! Oh – and Happy Easter weekend to everyone! Last week brought on the first day of spring and I, like many others, am sure happy at the thought of warmer weather on the way. Although, Mother Nature had other things planned with 3 days of snow flurries this week, we can be sure that warmer days are ahead!

With spring comes spring cleaning, which me and the hubby have started to do in order to make room for the little one coming in just a few short months (3 to be exact!). What used to be known as “The Man Room” where my hubby kept his Nascar paraphernalia, deer head, and gun racks, will now become the baby’s room. It’s been cleared out and is now a fresh canvas for painting, nursery furniture, and decor.

My mom and dad were very generous in wanting to pitch in and help us purchase furniture for the room, so I began searching for pieces I liked online. I really like the idea of dark espresso colored furniture, which I believe will go really well with the color theme of the room which is blue, grey, yellow and white. The walls will be painted blue along the top and a complimenting gray along the bottom. There is already a white chair rail around the entire room for separation of the colors, so we will keep that as is. Last night, Tim suggested we stencil whales (also part of the room theme) along the bottom in blue, yellow and white to add more character to the grey, to which I agreed.

We purchased our furniture through, which at this point I may or may not recommend. We had a few problems receiving the changing table we ordered due to confusion of where the piece would be shipped site to store. At the time I ordered the furniture, I wanted everything to go to one location and had specified by clicking the Sears at the Asheville Mall as our preferred location. As I was adding the items to my cart, it changed my preferred location for the changing table to a Kmart on the other side of town. I didn’t notice this as I completed the order and so had thought everything would show up at the same time at the Sears I specified.

Supposedly when you have items shipped site to store, you receive emails of when the items arrive. I never did receive any emails telling me the items were available, which was another annoyance of the Sears transaction. I had called to inquire about my order status during the date range of when the order said they were supposed to arrive. They told me the crib and dresser were there but they had no record of the changing table, so I pulled up my order online and there and then saw it was going to the Kmart. I called Kmart and they didn’t have the changing table and told me to try calling again the next day. The next day was a Saturday and the hubby and I wanted to retrieve all the furniture pieces at once. We stopped by the Kmart first to double check if the changing table was there. They went in the back and looked, then checked and saw they had no record really of our order and then went on to deny that orders showed up at their store location. We were somewhat frustrated at that but accepted their excuse and went over to Sears to get our other pieces and see if we could straighten out our changing table dilemma.

The customer service at Sears was much more helpful, and we explained the ordeal we had with locating the changing table. They retrieved the service hotline number for us so we could call to sort everything out. The lady on the phone tried calling the Kmart and she too had difficulty getting any relevant information for them. Since there was no record of the item we ordered in either system, we asked her to cancel the original changing table order so we could order another to be shipped to our house, free of shipping charges. She was helpful and complied. We left the store with the crib and dresser and happier that the changing table would arrive in just 4 days.

Delta Espresso Convertible Crib

Crib and Dresser combo for baby’s room

changing table

The changing table that was the source of all our troubles

So, last Wednesday the changing table arrived and our furniture collection was complete. Unfortunately, while looking at my credit card bill yesterday I noticed that each piece of furniture was charged to my credit card individually. Low and behold, the first changing table charge was still on my bill and now I have to call them and go through the whole ordeal of explaining what happened so they can ultimately credit me (like they said they would) for the first changing table we never received. Another annoyance is that the emails I received for the second changing table we ordered have magically disappeared from my Outlook inbox and I have no order numbers or proof of that purchase. Grrrr! Wish me luck getting this straightened out.

On a happier note, my in-laws are coming this weekend (we are hoping a sickness in the family doesn’t deter that) to help us paint, put up a new lighting fixture, put together the furniture, and perhaps replace the carpet for baby’s room. It’s the officially beginning of the nesting phase for us and we are excited to continue preparing for his arrival!

Stay tuned for a part 2 post about nursery design color themes and sewing projects!

Pregnancy Update: 21 weeks and counting

This past Thursday marked 21 weeks along in my pregnancy. Everything is going along great with our baby boy. His sonogram showed that all his organs were developing correctly and there was no signs of spina bifida, heart malformations or down syndrome. He was very active for the anatomy scan so it’s no wonder I started feeling him move.

Here is a look at what happened this week in my pregnancy:

How far along? 21 Weeks

How big is baby? 3/4 lb, 10 1/2 inches long (about the length of a carrot)

Total weight gain/loss: 9 lbs total (give or take)

Maternity clothes? Mostly….still trying to wear my work pants when possible but it won’t be much longer

Sleep: Alternate from side to side since my hips get sore if I lay on one side too long. I sometimes sleep on my back but try not to do so for very long, or at least angle it so I’m not flat on my back.

Best moment this week: Feeling him move! The fluttering has increased in frequency and I can’t help but giggle at the unbelievable feeling of it.

Movement: Yep! Mostly in the afternoon and evening.

Food cravings: Nothing too weird yet. I was craving girl scout cookies and managed to find a couple quarts of Edy’s ice cream with thin mints and coconut caramel shortbread cookies that hit the spot. I also indulged in some sushi (all cooked rolls) and tater tots this week.

Food Aversions: Anything that takes a long time to prepare – these days I don’t feel like slaving over the stove for a meal

Gender: It’s a boy!!!!

Labor Signs: None.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Besides the growing belly……lots of heartburn. It always comes on when I eat something spicy or acidic, which is most of the time. I keep a big bottle of Pepcid complete in my purse so it’s always handy.

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Adult beverages, having more energy.

What I am looking forward to: Starting our baby registry and working on the nursery.

Upcoming appointments/events:  Standard OBGYN checkup on Feb 26. Also, I signed us up for Part 1 of our Birthing/Expectant Parent classes for the weekend of March 23.

Weekly Wisdom: Nothing profound but just the realization that he will be here in 4 1/2 short months

Milestones: Feeling movement

Bump Picture: Why not!

21 week collage

Celebrating Mardi Gras with King Cake!

Bonjour tout le monde!

For those that don’t know any french, that means “Good Day everyone!”. One of the many things I remember from the five years I spent taking french classes in middle school/high school was learning about french traditions and their food. I remember making a “gateau du roi” or king cake back in the day and wanted to celebrate the Mardi Gras festivities by cooking up another one. I tried making one a couple years ago but it looked prettier than it tasted, so I went to the internet in search of a king cake recipe that would be both moist and delicious.

I found a simple and traditional recipe over at, but in my research I really liked the construction that Sucre in New Orleans uses (see video below). When rolling out the dough and filling it, they split the dough down the middle to make two rolls, which they then seal and twist together to form the ring. I employed this technique using the king cake recipe from browneyedbaker.

Now, the recipe takes about 3 hours to make due to the time spent letting the yeast in the dough rise, not once but twice. They can be a lot of work but if done right, worth the work put into it. If you ever want to try a king cake without having to break out all your baking goods, they can easily be purchased online and shipped from one of many bakeries in New Orleans and its surrounding area. They are only available during Carnival though, so don’t miss out next year.

One lesson I learned after completing this recipe is not to trust “best by” labels in my pantry and purchase everything fresh from the grocery when making baked goods. I had a 3 pack of rapid yeast that was in my pantry for some time. The best by date said Oct 2013 so I trusted that it would be fresh. Well, the yeast never bubbled like it said it’s supposed to in the instructions. I should have known then that the dough would never really rise or “double in size” after kneading. I still went through all the steps but the cake turned out more dense than fluffy. Thank goodness this wasn’t a show stopper. Tasting the cake this morning was a relief as I believe it turned out good and moist. Here is the finished product and a compilation of process photos taken.



20130212-093018.jpgI enjoyed being able to use my Kitchen Aid mixer which I don’t get to use nearly enough. Also a wise purchase for anyone that makes baked goods is a pastry mat. I bought one at Kitchen and Company and have to praise it for not having any dough stick to it as I was kneading and rolling. It makes a great work surface, plus it has a ruler and circle markings for different sized pie crusts and pizza sizes. Lastly, I didn’t have a plastic baby or a whole pecan to add to the cake for the good luck trinket, so instead I used a marble. It has yet to be found though so maybe it will be my lucky day! :) Anyways, hope everyone enjoys the day and “laissez le bon temps roulez!”

Gender Reveal – It’s a ……


Celebrating the old fashioned way by passing out cigars. We’re having a boy!

We found out last week that we’re having a BOY! We are very excited. I know I said that I wanted a girl but I really am happy to find out it’s a boy. Long ago, even before we were thinking of starting a family, I had it in my head that I wanted a boy as my first child. When I found out we were pregnant, I quickly changed that want to a girl since I felt could better relate to a daughter and reminisce about my childhood by raising her as I was raised. Ultimately, my initial wish panned out and now I couldn’t think of any better way for it to be. My hubby will tell it that he knew it was a boy from the get go which could be true if by saying a statement and believing it to be fact were all there was to it. Me on the other hand really had no idea or instinct one way or the other.


Little man’s adorable profile

It’s an amazing feeling now to know I’m carrying around our son. I have even begun to feel him move! That too is an amazing feeling. Everyone described it just as it is – fluttering. I especially feel him fluttering in the early afternoon and after dinner. At the sonogram he was very active and continues to be that way! I even joked to a co-worker that he must be his father’s son because I never feel him moving around in the mornings – just like his dad who enjoys sleeping in all hours of the morning.

Now that we know, I have been getting ideas for the nursery together. I am also thinking about our baby registry and thanks to a very helpful friend who sent me her ultimate list of must have baby items, I feel a whole lot more prepared about what to begin acquiring. Also on the list of things to do: Come up with a name for our little man. That I think will prove to be more difficult than anything else we do in preparation for his arrival in just 4 1/2 months!

Pregnancy update and first belly photo

This past Thursday marked 16 weeks along in my pregnancy. All has been going really well so far in the first and second trimester. I was lucky not to have any morning sickness at all, though I do have a more sensitive gag reflex. Every time I brush my teeth I have to do it quickly or else I come close to losing my lunch. Since the second trimester started, I’ve been getting heart burn nightly so I always have some tums around to battle that. Other than that and some less than decent symptoms I don’t want to mention, pregnancy has been a wonderful state of being.


Our next planned visit to the ObGyn is January 29th. I will be 20 weeks along then and we have an ultrasound scheduled to find out our little one’s gender! Tim is adamant that its going to be a boy but I’m pretty certain it’s going to be a girl. I’d much rather have a girl first off but either way, a healthy baby in itself is most important and we already love it so much, no matter the gender. Finding out the gender is important to us so that we can begin planning room decor, narrowing down on names, and whether to register for pink or blue this and that.

I look forward to sharing more about my pregnancy as it progresses. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

The purpose of this blog

Well here we are – my very first post! I wanted to state the purpose of this blog for all those who may come across it. This is my place to talk and express about the things going on in my life. As soon-to-be new parents, it’s a place for me to share all the excitement surrounding this big event and the joy of pregnancy and the expansion of our family. It’s also a place for me to write about my hobbies – crafts, crochet, cooking, sewing, home improvement, etc. The list goes on and on. I hope that those we read this blog might find some use in the tutorials or tips I post about or entertainment from reading about my experiences. I’ll try not to get too personal as we all know the internet is a wide open source of information and anything put out on it becomes a permanent testament to who you are in that moment. Overall, I am a modest person who enjoys my privacy and I don’t want to bare all to the world wide web. I do however like the personal aspect that having a blog opens up. It’s a way to better express myself and give others insight into the joys of our life together. Thanks everyone and enjoy!