Fourth month update

I can’t believe my handsome boy is growing so quickly! Tomorrow he will be exactly four months old. He’s already wearing six month clothing and size two diapers for babies […]

Three Months and counting…

  Dear Levi, This past weekend marked 15 weeks since you graced our lives with your presence. It has been amazing watching you grow and develop. Just within the last […]

I’m a Mom and Levi’s birth story

It’s August and I have yet to post anything about my new life as a mom. Eight weeks ago I gave birth to our son Levi and things have been […]

Nursery Design – Furniture

Welcome Spring! Oh – and Happy Easter weekend to everyone! Last week brought on the first day of spring and I, like many others, am sure happy at the thought […]

Pregnancy Update: 21 weeks and counting

This past Thursday marked 21 weeks along in my pregnancy. Everything is going along great with our baby boy. His sonogram showed that all his organs were developing correctly and […]

Celebrating Mardi Gras with King Cake!

Bonjour tout le monde! For those that don’t know any french, that means “Good Day everyone!”. One of the many things I remember from the five years I spent taking […]

Gender Reveal – It’s a ……

We found out last week that we’re having a BOY! We are very excited. I know I said that I wanted a girl but I really am happy to find […]

Pregnancy update and first belly photo

This past Thursday marked 16 weeks along in my pregnancy. All has been going really well so far in the first and second trimester. I was lucky not to have […]

The purpose of this blog

Well here we are – my very first post! I wanted to state the purpose of this blog for all those who may come across it. This is my place […]